CampsTrekkingClimbing and RappellingRaftingZip linesBalloon FlightCanyons and CanyonsContact with nature
Some offer you the opportunity to get away from the noise and stress of the City and live with nature; others test your adventurous spirit and make you draw the inner strength that we all carry inside; some others allow you to know cultures, customs and traditions from different parts of the world; others serve you to increase or perfect your knowledge or your sports level
Walking along trails over mountains, mountains, valleys, forests, beaches, river banks, lakes and lagoons; as well as in the middle of the countryside and even in inhospitable deserts is an adventure that you should not miss
Ascending or descending very high natural or artificial walls with prolonged slopes using physical strength and special equipment is the perfect ingredient for addicts to the adventure
Adrenaline, skill and teamwork to challenge in small boats the force of the rivers when they come down from the mountains with the intention of not letting themselves be subdued by the rapids that form the currents of their waters make your adventurous being emerge in you
Sliding through a pulley fastened on steel cables mounted on a gravity-driven slope over ravines, rivers, lagoons, forests, cities or any other place gives us the feeling of flying freely at high speed
Floating through the air in a large basket elevated by a balloon letting itself be carried away by the wind contemplating beautiful sunrises make this experience something romantic and unforgettable, but no less adventurous
The exploration of caves, canyons and ravines combines trekking, rappelling, swimming and climbing; you must be aware of the inherent risks and the complex skills and techniques that are required to enjoy it safely
Whale watching, enjoying the migration of the monarch butterfly, the spawning and release of turtles or the mating of the fireflies will make you feel like you own the planet

Many of these reasons for travel are considered high-risk, so the decision to practice them is your responsibility