Tour cities of architectural heritage carved with contributions of color and way of understanding the life of the conquered inhabitants making us feel that time has not passed

Architectural legacy of the first inhabitants of the world who show us through their constructions their beliefs, customs and traditions
Legends and stories are part of these towns making their inhabitants preserve their customs and feel proud of their traditions turning them into living spaces full of magic and color
Masterpieces of nature or expressions of human creative ingenuity, common heritages of humanity that you can not stop admiring
Participating in artisan workshops or touring hacienda hulls will take you back to the past causing you a certain nostalgia
Fun and culture mixed in one place will leave in your life an unparalleled memory
From music, food, art, cinema or any artistic manifestation are ideal pretexts to let yourself go and live an experience that you will never forget
Throw yourself into the air, singing until you tear or dancing until dawn is something you can not miss
With Shakespeare, the Lady in Black, Snow White or Cats one more star will be born since part of the story you will feel